Pending Construction Completion we plan to do our Annual 1st Day of School Pancake Breakfast. We withheld the breakfast at the first day of school to really kick off our 1st day back in our school celebration. The PTO will be inviting the community, donors, supporters, advocates and friends of Ola School to join us in the amazing feat of repairing and bringing to code our beloved 111-year-old school house. Watch for updated information!

SOS Committee Meeting 3/18/2021


-Minutes of February 19, 2021 meeting

-Report on funds received/Aleah

-Report on grant progress/ Shannon & Aleah

     – Murdock foundation

     – AARP Grant

     -Interim Report for LMCF grant

-Progress on renovation

– Planning for ATV Poker Run – Katie & Aleah

      -What has been done

      -What needs to be done, how you can help!

      -Help with advertising

      -Help needed the day of the Run


The minutes were read and Gloria motioned and Aleah seconded to approve as written. Motion passed.Aleah reported on the financial status of the SOS account, see attached sheet for details. Note that our two most recent grants, Heritage Foundation and the Preservation CLG grant and the Harry W Morrison grants are not reflected in the total, with them you would add $42,500 to the total. Also note that we have had some expenditures for work completed by Trout Architects, and Atlas Co. for asbestos and lead paint testing. Aleah has set up several tracking forms to keep track of incoming and outgoing funds.Grant progress report was made by Aleah and Shannon. The letter of inquiry was completed for the Murdock Foundation grant and sent in earlier this week. We are looking at the application for an AARP grant that needs to go in before the middle of April. They also reported that the interim report to the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation Grant had been completed and sent to them this week. Forms were handed out and explained for the recording of in-kind labor for all the work committee members are doing. The conversion for Idaho from hours to equivalent dollars in set at $25 per hour. Travel is to be recorded at .14 per mile. If you need a recording sheet let us know.Shannon gave an update of the renovation work since we last met. The classrooms were readied for the demolition crew to begin work on March 8. Since that date the east classroom interior walls and ceiling have been removed as well as the floor 18” inside the walls. Presently you can see from the outside to the inside through the bottom 20 some inches of the walls. The west classroom is still having lead paint removed and lathe and plaster as well. Work will begin soon to excavate the crawl space for a new stem wall that will help support the present foundation.The next topic of discussion was the ATV Poker Run. Katie and Aleah reported on the planning that has already taken place. Katie has identified the route the course will take, figured out where stations will be located and secured a number of helpers for that day. She also discussed ideas for a silent auction and prizes that have already been secured. Aleah shared the posters that she has developed to advertize the event and a number of individuals took some with them to post. Aleah also gave the good news that we have sponsors for the event, the new Gem County Motor Sports business in Emmett, also sponsoring is the Cowboy Chophouse. Liability insurance will be about $200 for the event through the “Ride it out, LLC”. They will also provide some large prizes and $500 to support the event. Katie reported that she has secured a quarter of a beef, a handcrafted knife and some leather goods. Aleah said that BSU will provide small items for the goodie bags. Aleah will be working with Shelly to decide on goodie bags and shirts for the event.The next item for discussion was advertizing. We are planning the see if we could set up a table at the Farmer’s Market in Emmett and perhaps tables at other businesses such as D&B, Tractor Supply, BiMart, ZamZows and others to sign folks up for the event. We need volunteers to do this for us. Let Aleah know. I am attaching a copy of the online letter you can send on to your contact list about the event. Please make use of it.Discussion was had about the possible use of the fire hall for the event headquarters, silent auction and lunch. Aleah is making contact with the new owners of the café to see how they would like to be involved. Shannon said she would contact EMS about having an ambulance on standby for the event.Meeting was bagged by Katie.

PTO Meeting 3/18/2021


 3/18/2021 2:30 PM

BudgetReport: Bills/Receipts:Aleah
Other ReportsMarch School Board Meeting Report: Levy Meeting Report: Levy Report:Aleah
Build A Shed:Exterior Trim Paint ridge vent capAleah
OtherScience Expo (We Shed): gold shovel and trimmers need to be hung. Easter Party-Room Moms: Drink, Bree Cunningham, Snack: Shannon F & Lois Cunningham Egg Stuffing:Aleah
Teacher Notes/Needs   Teachers
Calendar:March 9-1st Day of 3rd Trimester 18-PTO Meeting 2:30 22-26-No School Spring Break April 2-Easter Party 28-Last Early Out Day 30-No School  May 28-Memorial Program 10:00AM 31-Memorial Day No School   June 3-Last Day of School FULL DAY
Ola Monthly Activities:Library Board 2nd Friday @ 4:30pm Fire Training 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7pm Bible Study Wednesday 7pm @ Ola ChurchLine Dancing Mondays 10am- Cindy Durham Barn Ola Community Church 11am  
Next Meeting: Thursday April 15, 2021 2:30PM 

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Meeting Minutes 3/18/2021


Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Gloria Sutton, Aleah Nelson, Ann Marie Apple, Katie Poole, Pat Malloy.

Meeting Began @ 2:40PM

Accepted Minutes from 2/19/2021 Meetings

Treasure Report:  See Attached Report, Shannon moved to approved the report and Lori Seconded.


                Levy Report: Supplemental approved-10 year denied-still have a lot of work cut out for us for fund raising for                 SOS Committee

                Aleah submitted a Donation Request from the Emmett Rotary Club Auction Dinner night of $500.00. Pledged to            continue to support Ola Community Events.

                Shed To Do: New Ridge Vent Cap, Trim Painting, Gold Shovel and trimmer and plaque hung-talked about having   this done before the grand opening of the Ola School.

                Ola School Re-opening party-bon fire, BBQ potluck, fireworks, and ribbon cutting party to be help for re-                                                                 opening.

                Easter Eggs were packed and got ready for the Easter Party. Room Moms: Drink-Bree Cunningham, Snack-                                Shannon F. & Lois Cunningham. Need to get gold coins or paint some quarters or pennies. Amy will get Easter            Prizes. Party is planned for Friday April 2nd @ noon.

                Teacher Needs: Nothing to note of at this time. They were grateful for the teacher room drink stash that the PTO                                        provided.


                March   22-26 Spring Break

                April       2-Easter Party Room Moms: Snacks-Shannon F. & Lois Cunningham; Drink-Bree Cunningham

                                28-Last Early Out Wednesday

                                30-No School for mid-trimester reports

                May       28-Memorial Program 10am Ola Cemetery

                                31-No School Memorial Day

                                Talked about possible Fish and Game Trip to sage hen reservoir for this years track and field day.

Meeting Bagged by Ann Marie Apple @ 3:37PM

Treasurer Report Aleah Nelson
February 2021March 2021Bank Processed
PTO Checking Account Activity
Begining Balance$ 803.92
2/16 Paypal SOS Money Deposit$ 148.75$ 952.67X
2/19 Transfer to SOS account$ (148.75)$ 803.92X
2/19 CH#1012 Anne Marie eraser reimbursement$ (13.00)$ 790.92X
2/19 Amazon Head phones 2nd order of 12$ (139.80)$ 651.12X
2/19/21 FT from SOS for Postage REimbursement$ 55.00$ 706.12X
3/9/21 Amazon teacher gift creamer$ (42.39)$ 663.73X
3/9/21 Amazon teacher gift coffee, tea & hot chocolate$ (70.45)$ 593.28X
R3/9/21 Idaho Nonprofit Center Registration for Idaho Gives Day$ (50.00)$ 543.28X
3/9/21 Amazon eggs$ (62.47)$ 480.81X
3/15/21 Amazon printer ink for aleah$ (44.51)$ 436.30X
3/16/21 SOS Deposit Roger Beal & Cash from Allen & Sharon Sutton$ 270.00$ 706.30X
FT-SOS Depsoit$ (270.00)$ 436.30X
RCH#1013 3/16/21 Idaho Web Printers$ (49.00)$ 387.30
PTO Account Ending Balance 3/17/2021$ 387.30
SOS Checking & PTO Savings Account Activity
Beging Balance 2/19/2021$ 258,978.72
2/19 Paypal Money FT from PTO Checking$ 100.00$ 259,078.72X
2/19 Paypal Money FT from PTO Checking$ 48.75$ 259,127.47X
2/19/2021 FT from SOS to PTO for postage$ (55.00)$ 259,072.47X
2/22/21 Mobile Deposit$ 25.00$ 259,097.47X
2/22/21 Mobile Deposit$ 25.00$ 259,122.47X
3/9/21 Mobile Deposit$ 100.00$ 259,222.47X
3/9/21 Mobile Deposit$ 1,000.00$ 260,222.47X
3/10/21 Mobile Deposit$ 100.00$ 260,322.47X
3/10/21 Mobile Deposit$ 500.00$ 260,822.47X
3/17/21 Bank Deposit transfered from PTO Checking$ 270.00$ 261,092.47X
CH# 1001 3/9/21 ESD for Invoice #181748 Atlas$ (150.00)$ 260,942.47
CH# 1003 3/9/2021 ESD for PO# 200566 Atlas$ (2,299.80)$ 258,642.67
CH# 1004 3/9/2021 Trout Incoice #3957$ (7,891.08)$ 250,751.59
SOS Checking Account + PTO Savings Account Ending Balance 3/17/2021$ 250,751.59

PTO Meeting 2/19/2021

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Meeting Minutes 2/19/2021

Attendance: Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Gloria Sutton, Aleah Nelson

Meeting Began @ 2:30PM

Accepted Minutes from 10/8/2020 Meetings

Treasure Report:  See Attached Report


                SOS Committee Meeting @ 3:30 2/19/2021

                Levy Meeting Thursday 25 February 2021 @ 6pm @ the Ola Community Hall (Post on reader board)

                Shed TO DO: New Ridge Vent Cap, Trim Painting, Gold Shovel and trimmer and plaque hung.

                Teacher Needs: Need to order 12 head phones.

                              Would like to reimburse Ann Marie for white erase board erasers.

Amy motioned; Lori approved.

All in favor to order head phones and reimburse Ann Marie.


                February 25-Levy Meeting 6pm Ola Hall

                March   5&8 No School

                                22-26 Spring Break

                April       2-Easter Party Room Moms: Snacks-Shannon F. & Lois Cunningham; Drink-Bree Cunningham

                                28-Last Early Out Wednesday

                                30-No School for mid-trimester reports

                May       28-Memorial Program 10am Ola Cemetery

                                31-No School Memorial Day

Meeting Bagged by Aleah Nelson @ 3:06pm

Treasure Report by:  Aleah Nelson  2/19/2021
PTOCH Community Hall$ (300.00)
Amazon Teacher Gift Card$ (100.00)
Amazon Head Phones$ (129.60)
BiMart Halloween$ (18.55)
BiMart Halloween$ (21.10)
Amazon-Nets$ (105.98)
Deposit PTO Checking Account$ 300.00
Transfer deposit to PTO Savings$ (300.00)
BiMart Stamps$ (55.00)
Petty Cash$ 90.00
PTO Checking Balance$ 952.67
SOSWebsite Fee$ (48.00)
Deposits$ 1,400.00
Idaho Power Mailiing Reimbursement$ (2.80)
Purchase SOS Account checks$ (40.41)
Deposits$ 2,575.00
Deposits$ 11,175.00
FT moved money to PTO Savings$ (250,000.00)
CH1000 mail thank you package$ (4.60)
Deposits$ 920.00
Deposits$ 598.75
PTO Savings Balance$ 251,440.51
SOS Checking Balance$ 7,538.21
Undeposited Funds$ 270.00
Subtotal SOS Bank Accounts$ 259,248.72
Uncollected Awarded Funds
Emmett School Contingency Fund$ 50,000.00
Idaho Heritage Grant$ 12,500.00
Harry W Morrison Foundation Grant$ 20,000.00
CLG Grant$ 10,000.00
Subtotal$ 92,500.00
Total Amount of Donations Collected 11/2019-2/19/2021$ 260,080.80
Total Donation Collected & Non-collected but Awarded$ 352,580.80

Idaho Heritage Trust Foundation Grant Award 2020

We are so excited to announce another grant win for the Ola School. The Ola Parent Teachers Organization submitted a matching grant with The Idaho Heritage Trust Foundation and we were awarded $12,500. A required match of $12,500 will be coming from the $50,000 Ola School repair fund from the Emmett School District for a total of $25,000. Ola School has a huge support system. Each effort in our behalf has warmed the hearts and watered the eyes of the entire community from. Thank you to all of our supporters and friends of Ola. If you would like to donate please contact Aleah Nelson 208-880-5991.


New Tax Donation Benefit

New Deduction Available: The bill makes a new deduction available for up to $300 per taxpayer ($600 for a married couple) in annual charitable contributions. This is particularly beneficial to people who take the standard deduction when filing their taxes (in other words for taxpayers who do not itemize their deductions). It is calculated by subtracting the amount of the donation from your gross income. It is an “above the line” adjustment to income that will reduce your AGI, and thereby reduce taxable income.

To qualify, you would have to give a donation to a qualified charity. If you have already made your donation since Jan. 1, that contribution counts toward the $300 cap. A donation to a donor-advised fund (DAF) does not qualify for this new deduction.