Some Old Dirt Road

Share a picture of your favorite dirt road in Ola with a favorite memory!!! We’ll post it on the Ola PTO and Ola Alumni Association Facebook page and enter you into our Ola Memorabilia drawing!


Calling all friends of Ola School: Teachers, Students, Aids, Volunteers, Friends, Supports, Contributors. We are attempting to create a Friends of Ola Registry. Please help us get the word out to as many people as possible. We would like to use this registry to keep you posted on crucial updates about the school, especially as construction time draws nearer. Additionally, we would like to create a punch list to where we can send fundraising opportunities too; either use it to donate or share it with those that can!!!

SAVE OLA SCHOOL: “Same Song Second Verse”

August of 2019 began our initiative to save our 110-year-old school in rural Gem County. It is amazing that this one building has been used for the purpose of educating children for over 100 years- a tradition that needs preserving! Trout Architects’ 2019 analysis determined the school building unsafe for use because of significant dry rot in some walls which will require the entire building to be brought up to current code. Approximately $490,000 in repairs are necessary.

                The committed Ola Community generously offered our students a temporary school-home in the Ola Community Hall. The school district needed to pass a bond or levy to have funds to repair the school. The COVID-19 situation has made a bond unthinkable. Rather than wait on an unpredictable bond or have our students bussed 20 miles to a neighboring school, the committee has raised $242,000 to begin repairing our historical school building. The Emmett School District has in reserve $50,000. The SOS Committee has also received a $20,000 challenge grant from the Harry W. Morrison Foundation which will be issued upon reaching $470,000. That gives us over $312,000 and reaches approximately 63% of our goal.

                Our committee has been working closely with the school district, architects and contractors to begin construction in phases. We’re hoping to go out to bid this fall. We are still in great need of donations. Please consider donating to our cause in preserving a traditional ranching community’s historic two room school house.

                 Great news, donations towards an Idaho school may qualify you for a 2020 Idaho and federal tax credit! For more tax benefit information please consult your accountant.

No gift is too small and any amount is appreciated!

Donations can be made online at or by check. Checks should be made out to Ola PTO, MEMO: SOS Fund. You can view additional videos and repair information about Ola School at or visit our Facebook Page, You can also donate while you shop through and select Ola Parent Teachers Organization as your favorite charity. Another great donate spot is our GOFUNDME Page

PTO Meeting 10/8/2020

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Meeting Minutes 10/8/2020

Attendance: Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Katie Poole, Aleah Nelson

Meeting Began @ 4:35pm

Accepted Minutes from 9/24/2020 Meetings

Treasure Report:

SOS-  Raised  $244202.05

  Balance as of 10/7/2020  $243,561.02

  Approved $2.80 spending for Idaho Power mailing fee-and will reimburse PTO From SOS

PTO  Balance 9/24/2020  $1480.82

  9/25 Albertsons: water jug and sanitizing wipes  -$27.49

  10/1 Idaho Community SOS Grant  +$500.00

  10/5 SOS Grant from Idaho Community  -$500.00

  10/1 Idaho Community-Ola Community Grant  +$4094.00

  10/5 Ola Community Grant money from ICF CH#1011  -$4094.00

  10/1 Ola Community Center Insurance, etc. CH# 1010  -$300.00

  2/13Laura Carlock tshirt reimbursement  -$22.77 (still not processed, need to call)

  10/5 PTO to SOS for Sharon Sutton Yard Sale donation  -$100.00

  10/1 Website Word Press domain  -$48.00

  10/5 SOS reimburse PTO for website  +$48.00

  10/7 Idaho Power Grant Mailing  -$2.80

  10/7 Money from Wells Fargo Account  +$226.00

  Balance 10/7/2020  $1,254.36


  Calendar-will do next meeting

  Needs-Classrooms need 12 head phones. Amy motioned to purchase headphones; Lori   seconded. All in favor.

  Missed scratch for schools sign up.

  Still need one more snack for Halloween party

Still Need to Do:

  “We Shed”-ridge vent cap, pe equipment hangers, paint exterior trim

Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences: October 15th or 16th

SOS Summary:

  New Federal and State Tax Deduction for non-profit donations

  Edited 2020 mailing letter Seeking alumni, friends of Ola registry to mail letters too. Will hold off on   heritage/brick garden. Obtain registry to seek donors.

Meeting Bagged by Lori Buckendahl @ 4:50pm

PTO Meeting 9/24/2020


 9/24/2020 2:30PM

Welcome:  Aleah

Treasurer (Shannon Fouria)

Presidential Appointments
Nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.
SOS Committee
Meeting 9/24/2020 @ 3:30pm.
Need another video, another thank you card picture, old photos for social media
Build A Shed:
Exterior Trim Paint, clean slab, ridge vent cap still to do!!!
Yearly Schedule
Class Party Sign-up
PTO Contact list update
Good Sports Grant-emailed district overseer about catalog.
Science Expo (Shed naming), gold shovel and trimmers need to be hung.
Field Trip Ideas
Ola Ladies Club needs Pictures for their calendars-Email Gloria at
Teacher Notes/Needs
23,30-Early Release Days
2-No School
15-16-NO School
19-End of 1st Trimester
20-No School
23-27-Thanksgiving Break
30-1st Day of 2nd Trimester
21-31 Christmas Break
Ola Monthly Activities:
Library Board 2nd Friday @ 4:30pm
Fire Training 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7pm
Bible Study Wednesday 7pm @ Ola Church
Line Dancing Mondays 10am- Cindy Durham Barn
Ola Community Church 11am
Next Meeting: