PTO Meeting 2/19/2021

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Meeting Minutes 2/19/2021

Attendance: Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Gloria Sutton, Aleah Nelson

Meeting Began @ 2:30PM

Accepted Minutes from 10/8/2020 Meetings

Treasure Report:  See Attached Report


                SOS Committee Meeting @ 3:30 2/19/2021

                Levy Meeting Thursday 25 February 2021 @ 6pm @ the Ola Community Hall (Post on reader board)

                Shed TO DO: New Ridge Vent Cap, Trim Painting, Gold Shovel and trimmer and plaque hung.

                Teacher Needs: Need to order 12 head phones.

                              Would like to reimburse Ann Marie for white erase board erasers.

Amy motioned; Lori approved.

All in favor to order head phones and reimburse Ann Marie.


                February 25-Levy Meeting 6pm Ola Hall

                March   5&8 No School

                                22-26 Spring Break

                April       2-Easter Party Room Moms: Snacks-Shannon F. & Lois Cunningham; Drink-Bree Cunningham

                                28-Last Early Out Wednesday

                                30-No School for mid-trimester reports

                May       28-Memorial Program 10am Ola Cemetery

                                31-No School Memorial Day

Meeting Bagged by Aleah Nelson @ 3:06pm

Treasure Report by:  Aleah Nelson  2/19/2021
PTOCH Community Hall$ (300.00)
Amazon Teacher Gift Card$ (100.00)
Amazon Head Phones$ (129.60)
BiMart Halloween$ (18.55)
BiMart Halloween$ (21.10)
Amazon-Nets$ (105.98)
Deposit PTO Checking Account$ 300.00
Transfer deposit to PTO Savings$ (300.00)
BiMart Stamps$ (55.00)
Petty Cash$ 90.00
PTO Checking Balance$ 952.67
SOSWebsite Fee$ (48.00)
Deposits$ 1,400.00
Idaho Power Mailiing Reimbursement$ (2.80)
Purchase SOS Account checks$ (40.41)
Deposits$ 2,575.00
Deposits$ 11,175.00
FT moved money to PTO Savings$ (250,000.00)
CH1000 mail thank you package$ (4.60)
Deposits$ 920.00
Deposits$ 598.75
PTO Savings Balance$ 251,440.51
SOS Checking Balance$ 7,538.21
Undeposited Funds$ 270.00
Subtotal SOS Bank Accounts$ 259,248.72
Uncollected Awarded Funds
Emmett School Contingency Fund$ 50,000.00
Idaho Heritage Grant$ 12,500.00
Harry W Morrison Foundation Grant$ 20,000.00
CLG Grant$ 10,000.00
Subtotal$ 92,500.00
Total Amount of Donations Collected 11/2019-2/19/2021$ 260,080.80
Total Donation Collected & Non-collected but Awarded$ 352,580.80

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