Not just your everyday PTO…

Ola School’s Parent Teacher Organization was created in 1985 and has been a force to be reckoned. The endless support and community show of strength initiated by this group has been amazing. The PTO’s efforts include the annual Christmas and May Day Programs to larger projects such as the picnic table memorial, gardens and even a new school storage shed.

This group of parents, teachers, community members, friends and supporters has created a community of gold. And when we say Gold, we mean the work they can do together is worth more than it weight in gold.

Today our group includes one teacher, two paraprofessionals, 8 parents and 8 community members, plus those who support our efforts from a distance. If you have questions or need to contact us please use the form below or contact:

Aleah Nelson

Ola PTO President


“It’s not hard, it just take effot”

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