PTO Meeting 3/18/2021


 3/18/2021 2:30 PM

BudgetReport: Bills/Receipts:Aleah
Other ReportsMarch School Board Meeting Report: Levy Meeting Report: Levy Report:Aleah
Build A Shed:Exterior Trim Paint ridge vent capAleah
OtherScience Expo (We Shed): gold shovel and trimmers need to be hung. Easter Party-Room Moms: Drink, Bree Cunningham, Snack: Shannon F & Lois Cunningham Egg Stuffing:Aleah
Teacher Notes/Needs   Teachers
Calendar:March 9-1st Day of 3rd Trimester 18-PTO Meeting 2:30 22-26-No School Spring Break April 2-Easter Party 28-Last Early Out Day 30-No School  May 28-Memorial Program 10:00AM 31-Memorial Day No School   June 3-Last Day of School FULL DAY
Ola Monthly Activities:Library Board 2nd Friday @ 4:30pm Fire Training 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7pm Bible Study Wednesday 7pm @ Ola ChurchLine Dancing Mondays 10am- Cindy Durham Barn Ola Community Church 11am  
Next Meeting: Thursday April 15, 2021 2:30PM 

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Meeting Minutes 3/18/2021


Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Gloria Sutton, Aleah Nelson, Ann Marie Apple, Katie Poole, Pat Malloy.

Meeting Began @ 2:40PM

Accepted Minutes from 2/19/2021 Meetings

Treasure Report:  See Attached Report, Shannon moved to approved the report and Lori Seconded.


                Levy Report: Supplemental approved-10 year denied-still have a lot of work cut out for us for fund raising for                 SOS Committee

                Aleah submitted a Donation Request from the Emmett Rotary Club Auction Dinner night of $500.00. Pledged to            continue to support Ola Community Events.

                Shed To Do: New Ridge Vent Cap, Trim Painting, Gold Shovel and trimmer and plaque hung-talked about having   this done before the grand opening of the Ola School.

                Ola School Re-opening party-bon fire, BBQ potluck, fireworks, and ribbon cutting party to be help for re-                                                                 opening.

                Easter Eggs were packed and got ready for the Easter Party. Room Moms: Drink-Bree Cunningham, Snack-                                Shannon F. & Lois Cunningham. Need to get gold coins or paint some quarters or pennies. Amy will get Easter            Prizes. Party is planned for Friday April 2nd @ noon.

                Teacher Needs: Nothing to note of at this time. They were grateful for the teacher room drink stash that the PTO                                        provided.


                March   22-26 Spring Break

                April       2-Easter Party Room Moms: Snacks-Shannon F. & Lois Cunningham; Drink-Bree Cunningham

                                28-Last Early Out Wednesday

                                30-No School for mid-trimester reports

                May       28-Memorial Program 10am Ola Cemetery

                                31-No School Memorial Day

                                Talked about possible Fish and Game Trip to sage hen reservoir for this years track and field day.

Meeting Bagged by Ann Marie Apple @ 3:37PM

Treasurer Report Aleah Nelson
February 2021March 2021Bank Processed
PTO Checking Account Activity
Begining Balance$ 803.92
2/16 Paypal SOS Money Deposit$ 148.75$ 952.67X
2/19 Transfer to SOS account$ (148.75)$ 803.92X
2/19 CH#1012 Anne Marie eraser reimbursement$ (13.00)$ 790.92X
2/19 Amazon Head phones 2nd order of 12$ (139.80)$ 651.12X
2/19/21 FT from SOS for Postage REimbursement$ 55.00$ 706.12X
3/9/21 Amazon teacher gift creamer$ (42.39)$ 663.73X
3/9/21 Amazon teacher gift coffee, tea & hot chocolate$ (70.45)$ 593.28X
R3/9/21 Idaho Nonprofit Center Registration for Idaho Gives Day$ (50.00)$ 543.28X
3/9/21 Amazon eggs$ (62.47)$ 480.81X
3/15/21 Amazon printer ink for aleah$ (44.51)$ 436.30X
3/16/21 SOS Deposit Roger Beal & Cash from Allen & Sharon Sutton$ 270.00$ 706.30X
FT-SOS Depsoit$ (270.00)$ 436.30X
RCH#1013 3/16/21 Idaho Web Printers$ (49.00)$ 387.30
PTO Account Ending Balance 3/17/2021$ 387.30
SOS Checking & PTO Savings Account Activity
Beging Balance 2/19/2021$ 258,978.72
2/19 Paypal Money FT from PTO Checking$ 100.00$ 259,078.72X
2/19 Paypal Money FT from PTO Checking$ 48.75$ 259,127.47X
2/19/2021 FT from SOS to PTO for postage$ (55.00)$ 259,072.47X
2/22/21 Mobile Deposit$ 25.00$ 259,097.47X
2/22/21 Mobile Deposit$ 25.00$ 259,122.47X
3/9/21 Mobile Deposit$ 100.00$ 259,222.47X
3/9/21 Mobile Deposit$ 1,000.00$ 260,222.47X
3/10/21 Mobile Deposit$ 100.00$ 260,322.47X
3/10/21 Mobile Deposit$ 500.00$ 260,822.47X
3/17/21 Bank Deposit transfered from PTO Checking$ 270.00$ 261,092.47X
CH# 1001 3/9/21 ESD for Invoice #181748 Atlas$ (150.00)$ 260,942.47
CH# 1003 3/9/2021 ESD for PO# 200566 Atlas$ (2,299.80)$ 258,642.67
CH# 1004 3/9/2021 Trout Incoice #3957$ (7,891.08)$ 250,751.59
SOS Checking Account + PTO Savings Account Ending Balance 3/17/2021$ 250,751.59

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