SAVE OLA SCHOOL: “Same Song Second Verse”

August of 2019 began our initiative to save our 110-year-old school in rural Gem County. It is amazing that this one building has been used for the purpose of educating children for over 100 years- a tradition that needs preserving! Trout Architects’ 2019 analysis determined the school building unsafe for use because of significant dryContinue reading “SAVE OLA SCHOOL: “Same Song Second Verse””

PTO Meeting 10/8/2020

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. Meeting Minutes 10/8/2020 Attendance: Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Katie Poole, Aleah Nelson Meeting Began @ 4:35pm Accepted Minutes from 9/24/2020 Meetings Treasure Report: SOS-  Raised  $244202.05   Balance as of 10/7/2020  $243,561.02   Approved $2.80 spending for Idaho Power mailing fee-and will reimburse PTO From SOS PTO  BalanceContinue reading “PTO Meeting 10/8/2020”

PTO Meeting 9/24/2020

OLA PTO AGENDA  9/24/2020 2:30PM Welcome: Aleah Minutes: Reading Budget: Report: Bills/Receipts: Treasurer (Shannon Fouria) Presidential Appointments Nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. Aleah SOS Committee Meeting 9/24/2020 @ 3:30pm. Need another video, another thank you card picture, old photos for social media Aleah Build A Shed: Exterior Trim Paint, clean slab, ridge vent capContinue reading “PTO Meeting 9/24/2020”