PTO Meeting 10/8/2020

Ola Parent Teacher Organization, Inc.

Meeting Minutes 10/8/2020

Attendance: Amy Davis, Lori Buckendahl, Shannon Miller, Katie Poole, Aleah Nelson

Meeting Began @ 4:35pm

Accepted Minutes from 9/24/2020 Meetings

Treasure Report:

SOS-  Raised  $244202.05

  Balance as of 10/7/2020  $243,561.02

  Approved $2.80 spending for Idaho Power mailing fee-and will reimburse PTO From SOS

PTO  Balance 9/24/2020  $1480.82

  9/25 Albertsons: water jug and sanitizing wipes  -$27.49

  10/1 Idaho Community SOS Grant  +$500.00

  10/5 SOS Grant from Idaho Community  -$500.00

  10/1 Idaho Community-Ola Community Grant  +$4094.00

  10/5 Ola Community Grant money from ICF CH#1011  -$4094.00

  10/1 Ola Community Center Insurance, etc. CH# 1010  -$300.00

  2/13Laura Carlock tshirt reimbursement  -$22.77 (still not processed, need to call)

  10/5 PTO to SOS for Sharon Sutton Yard Sale donation  -$100.00

  10/1 Website Word Press domain  -$48.00

  10/5 SOS reimburse PTO for website  +$48.00

  10/7 Idaho Power Grant Mailing  -$2.80

  10/7 Money from Wells Fargo Account  +$226.00

  Balance 10/7/2020  $1,254.36


  Calendar-will do next meeting

  Needs-Classrooms need 12 head phones. Amy motioned to purchase headphones; Lori   seconded. All in favor.

  Missed scratch for schools sign up.

  Still need one more snack for Halloween party

Still Need to Do:

  “We Shed”-ridge vent cap, pe equipment hangers, paint exterior trim

Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences: October 15th or 16th

SOS Summary:

  New Federal and State Tax Deduction for non-profit donations

  Edited 2020 mailing letter Seeking alumni, friends of Ola registry to mail letters too. Will hold off on   heritage/brick garden. Obtain registry to seek donors.

Meeting Bagged by Lori Buckendahl @ 4:50pm

PTO Meeting 9/24/2020


 9/24/2020 2:30PM

Welcome:  Aleah

Treasurer (Shannon Fouria)

Presidential Appointments
Nominations for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer.
SOS Committee
Meeting 9/24/2020 @ 3:30pm.
Need another video, another thank you card picture, old photos for social media
Build A Shed:
Exterior Trim Paint, clean slab, ridge vent cap still to do!!!
Yearly Schedule
Class Party Sign-up
PTO Contact list update
Good Sports Grant-emailed district overseer about catalog.
Science Expo (Shed naming), gold shovel and trimmers need to be hung.
Field Trip Ideas
Ola Ladies Club needs Pictures for their calendars-Email Gloria at
Teacher Notes/Needs
23,30-Early Release Days
2-No School
15-16-NO School
19-End of 1st Trimester
20-No School
23-27-Thanksgiving Break
30-1st Day of 2nd Trimester
21-31 Christmas Break
Ola Monthly Activities:
Library Board 2nd Friday @ 4:30pm
Fire Training 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7pm
Bible Study Wednesday 7pm @ Ola Church
Line Dancing Mondays 10am- Cindy Durham Barn
Ola Community Church 11am
Next Meeting: